Saturday, 17 August 2013

Its a Mysterious life..!!

Ever stopped to wonder what life is all about? Or rather ever wondered, what IS life? What does this word, that we so often use mean? What does it entail? What in reality is 'life'?
We are born, we grow up, spend years going to school, university, earning money, we fall in love, get married and have babies, watch them grow, become grandparents and then wait for death to come. Is this entire sequence of events called life?

Life to me is much more than a process, a mere sequence of a lot of events - I am sure we all agree with that. Life has its own definition for each of us. Well then, what is life to me? Life is breath - in literal terms. No breath means no life. What do i mean by 'Life is breath'? We are born, grow up, spend years going to school, university, earning money, fall in love, get married and have babies, watch them grow, become grandparents and then wait for death to come - this sequence of events is a part of life. Life is what happens among these events, while these events occur. Life is when we take in all these things - life is when we feel. And what we feel.

Its what we feel when we are born, what goes on in that tiny head, when we cry, when we smile, when we are carried by someone and thrown up in the air in joy, when we are pampered, when we are loved, when we are sad, when we feel lost, happy, angry, sad, depressed, desperate, positive, emotional, lonely, when we love, when we breathe, when we celebrate and when we mourn and when we don't just exist but Live!!

Well then, what is so mysterious about life??

Life in itself is mysterious. Because none of us can say or even imagine what will happen at any point in time and what will hit us when. While we have defined the term life to a larger extent, are we absolutely certain that that is the course life will take? Do we always plan life and while we plan, do we anticipate that those plans will take shape? What happens when life doesn't shape up as planned? Are we happy when our plans happen and are we sad that life sometimes doesn't turn out to be what we want it to be? How do we react to a lot of things - happy or sad?

Its all nothing but a big mystery. That is life. A Mystery. How certain are we that we will get what we want or rather not get what we want and if what we get is indeed right for us? No one has the answers to those questions. No one ever will, except life itself.

Like one wise person said to me - "If you really want to know how good life has been to you, go back a few years and think about what you wanted at that point in time. And close your eyes now and think about what you have. You will realize that what you wanted sometime back would no longer be relevant today because what you have today is much more that what you wanted at that point in time. If you do not have it, then think about how happy you are today without that."

Life has its own ways of giving us things that we need and these are the things that we will eventually want without even realizing it. Life always makes up for what we call losses. Sometimes what we want is what we cannot see immediately. It takes a whole lot of realization and arguments with oneself to accept that fact. Yet again, what we sometimes see and accept to be for us is not really what we want. That's life for us in all its weird and yes, mysterious forms. It gives birth to a wider question - how happy are we having what we have? This, we will not focus on for, right now.

If life is indeed mysterious, how do we go about life then?

The answer is simple - Just go about it as you will - go to school, go to work, watch kids grow, earn money - but while we are it, lets not forget to live AND feel. Lets learn to accept graciously what life throws our way. Lets trust, love, hope and stay nice. Lets Love completely and unconditionally, lets have the courage to face ourselves and our fears so we recognize what we really want, in our hearts. Lets not allow any mind blocks while doing so. Lets never forget that life is ever changing and if this moment is lost, its lost forever.

Most importantly, lets not give up hope for what we cannot have. We never know - life might just decide to swing things our way :)
Until then, stay happy, embrace change, stay positive and love life because Life is simply beautiful, in all its Mysterious forms...!!